Mjejane Lifestyle offers property in Kruger National Park

26 August 2019, Monday

Availability of property in the Kruger National Park and its surrounds is no longer as diverse and available as it used to be. Mjejane is one of the last private game reserves with property for sale and there are only small numbers of freehold stands left. All the stands have their own special views and charms. The basic architectural style of the homes, allow their owners to interact with the landscape and climate of Mjejane while still enjoying the natural environment that surrounds their special home in the bush. Make the investment of a lifetime, and make your dream a reality. It is a 4000 hectare haven that represents the last significant tract of pristine indigenous bush along the Crocodile River, which makes this not only the most desirable tourist destination, but also the most sought after investment opportunity.

Innovative thinking has created one of the most thrilling game reserves in Southern Africa. Established in 1898 to protect the wildlife of the South African Lowveld, the Kruger National Park is home to an impressive number of species. Not only is it home to animals and birds, it also has a rich history in archaeological sites and bushman rock paintings, which are conserved along with the parks natural assets. Bordering the Kruger National Park is the magical Mjejane Game Reserve. Separated from the Kruger only by the Crocodile River, Mjejane embraces both a breathtaking 10km river frontage and, most specially, offers private bush stands that epitomise the intimate bush experience and showcase Africa’s Big 5.

For more information visit www.mjejanelifestyle.co.za

Freehold ownership on Mjejane Game Reserve

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