Mjejane Kruger Park

26 August 2019, Monday

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and take a great adventure through the magical landscapes of Africa.

The beauty of the Kruger is simple – it is the perfect opportunity to live amongst the Big 5. It is the distant calls of wild birds of prey, the beastly roars of the enchanting lion, the captivating laughs from the hyena.

It is the warm fresh winds that brush against your skin, and the gentle drops of summer rain that falls from the sky.

Visiting Mjejane Kruger Park, which is the only private game reserve with direct access to the world-acclaimed Kruger, would mean that you are indulging in one of the largest game reserves in Africa. It is a 4000 hectare representation of the last significant tract of pristine indigenous bush along the Crocodile River, which makes this not only the most desirable tourist destination, but also the most sought after investment opportunity.

In 2008, the fence that separated Mjejane Game Reserve and Kruger National Park was removed to allow for the free flow of animals between wildlife sanctuaries on both sides of the river.

This utopia could be your home, something that you could experience again and again.

With the removal of the fence, herds of elephants and buffalo made their way into Mjejane, along with lion, cheetah, wild dog as well as other amazing predators.

Mjejane visitors and home owners alike enjoy regular sightings of the Big 5. Not only is Mjejane a true privilege to experience, and a rare treasure to  be a part of the greatest wilderness areas on earth, but it also lies within the Transfrontier Park reaching Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

As the beauty of the day turns to night, so does the calls of nature turn to a nocturnal orchestra. Imagine absorbing the magic of an African bushview sunrise, or the glory of a river sunset while animals meet at the river’s edge. This utopia could be your home, something that you could experience again and again.

For more information visit www.mjejanelifestyle.co.za.

Freehold ownership on Mjejane Game Reserve

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