Kruger Park developments benefit from their prime position

5 December 2019, Thursday

Kruger Park Developments

The Kruger National Park is one of the biggest game reserves in South Africa and boasts a high density of wildlife, including the big 5. This puts Mjejane in an advantageous position, with it being fenced into the Kruger National Park, which results in regular sightings of the game within this Kruger Park development.

Apart from the incredible wildlife you will see wandering around, from hippos, zebras, giraffe to elephants and buck; Mjejane Private Game Reserve boasts an array of birdlife. Recent sightings have shown there is a great variety of storks, shrikes, plovers, spur-wings, starlings and a host of smaller birds. This is enough to get bird lovers in a frenzy.

Despite the drought experienced in 2016, the summer rains, although still scarce, has helped the vegetation to grow back, which has attracted the animals. Mjejane Private Game Reserve, which is promoted through Rainmaker Marketing, now has regular sightings of Rhino (Black and White), Elephant, Buffalo, Zebra and Kudu, to name a few, and as a result of the abundance of game in the area, lions are also becoming regular visitors.

Freehold ownership on Mjejane Game Reserve

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